History Of Funeral Homes

The first funeral service was conducted in the family homes. This is because during the American Civil War, the families intended for the dead remains of their fathers, sons and husbands to be prepared for burial at their own homes. To preserve the bodies, Dr. Thomas Holmes, among the many first “morticians”, practiced the early art of embalming the dead soldiers.


Embalming is both a science and an art that temporarily preserves the dead body to delay its decomposition. This is done in order to maintain the usual appearance of the human body during the funeral service. The three purposes of embalming are restoration, sanitization and preservation.Later on, the funeral directors, then known as “undertakers”, changed from preparing and showing bodies in the family’s homes to removing the deceased from the hospitals or homes and transporting the bodies to funeral homes. The purpose of this is for the cleaner and more systematic preparation and conduct of funeral service.

funeralsActually, embalming is not the first technique developed for the preservation of a dead person. There is mummification, a process adapted by Ancient cultures in Egypt, Greenland and Persia, by utilizing honey, ice and salts. There is also the arterial embalming, which is pioneered in the funeral homes in Netherlands. Different chemicals were discovered and invented for embalming such as liquor balsamicum, arsenic-based and alcohol-based formula.

In Europe, Alexander Butlerov and August Wilhelm von Hoffmann discovered formaldehyde. Morticians have been using this chemical from 1867 until the present. However, the use of formaldehyde or formalin, did not remove one of the major concerns of funeral homes- the smell of the decaying body. This is where the use of funeral flowers becomes functional.

Funeral Flowers

Traditional practice introduced the selection of flower ladies. The flower ladies, deemed as privileged roles, have the responsibilities of preparing, arranging and carrying the funeral flowers from the mortuary establishment to the cemetery. History tells us thatit is the 17th president of the United States who first used funeral flowers in 1874.

There were still no flower ladies back then. The story discloses that Andrew Johnson’s body was not embalmed. To mask the foul odor coming from the decaying ex-president, the undertaker covered the casket and placed a lot of fragrant flowers over and around the casket. This clearly shows that funeral flowers have more function than just being ornamentals surrounding the casket.


The first casket was made by the local undertakers themselves. Aside from embalming skill, these local undertakers are said to be adept and employed in the lumber, carpentry or furniture business. The materials used in making caskets, or coffins, can include wood, copper, veneer, bronze, twill, crepe, satin, steel or metal. The increase in preference of cremation over traditional burial gave rise to the utilization of urns.

Cremation Urns

The vessels or vases called, “urns” are designed to take in at least three pounds of cremains. Cremains are the ashes from cremated corpse. Cremation urns are made by the use of metal, ceramic, fabric, composites, marble, plastic, wood, glass, granite or biodegradable materials for use on water.

FuneralThere has also been the creation of cremation jewelry, locket-style accessory, for carrying a very little amount of cremains. The cremains may also be compressed and processed into an actual man-made stone. The mortuary can conduct funeral service even after the cremation of the dead body. This is to be decided by the family.

In summary, the selection and preparation of coffins, cremation urns, funeral flowers and other funeral elements have been reinvented over the years to yearn to the penny-wise demand and the appropriate personalization of funeral ambience. This serves not only to alleviate the grief but to celebrate the life lived by the one who passed away.


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An Overview of PCB Fabrication

The domination of different electronic gadgets and devices has been going on for many years now. It has been aiding the lives of people for such a long time that most have been used to their presence. It helps in almost all aspects of human life.

Circute bordElectronics have come a long way in order to come to its present state; from the predecessors of the modern devices to the latest models of technological advancements. Even one of the most essential part of an electronic device has a history taking a long way back. It is a safe conclusion that the printed circuit board or PCB is one of the most important part of a device. It serves as a foundation of the primary components such as resistors, diodes, capacitors, and transistors. It also allows the components to connect with each other to form a circuit without the aid of wires. With PCBs, the only things that are needed are the electronic pieces and the conductor surface. The process of making a fully functioning electronic device is called PCB fabrication.

But how was PCB fabrication invented?

PCBs are the developed versions of the early electrical connections systems. These prototypes of PCBs first emerged into the electronics scene during the 1850s. No boards were used during this time. Strips of metals that are formed as rods are the wires and conductors of that time. They are connected to larger versions of electrical components (diodes, capacitors, transistors, and resistors) and the foundations on which the connections are mounted are wooden bases.

As time went by, these metal rods are replaced by metal wires that closely resemble the wires of today. Instead of wooden bases, the connections are held within a metal boxes or chasses. Plastic boxes are also used during that time.

However, these types of connection foundations became too bulky for the still developing electronics society. As more and more technological advancements were developed, the need for a less bulky and portable bases arose. This need gave way to the birth of PCB fabrication. The earliest types of PCBs are called “printed wiring” or “”printed circuit” by the inventor Charles Ducas. From this the era of PCB based electronics began.

The passing of time allowed the further innovation of the PCB.

The through-hole technology and the surface-mount technology became very prominent during the 1980s and the 1990s, respectively. Chips also became viable components for PCBs and it has been in use up to now. The outcomes of these advancements are the extremely mobile devices that the people of the present time use. There are now laptops that have the size of a medium notebook. Mobile phones and tablets have the capacity of a small net book, all thanks to the development of PCBs.

PCB fabrication is a process of elaborately planned schematic diagrams that allows circuits to work in an engineered way. It is a very delicate practice because a single mistake may result to the detriment of the device, and most unfortunately, of the user. The most skilled electronics and EC engineers are the ones who have their expertise focused on PCBs and other electronic components.

The designs have to be uniquely made.

A particular model of a device has a different design than its other versions. This is because the components are connected through pathways (drawn in schematic diagrams) that make a circuit possible. The diagrams vary according to the necessary components.

Components also need to be very delicately mounted and soldered on the printed circuit board. Even a small amount of excess lead may cause the connection to short circuit.

Easy Ways to Apply Patches On Clothes for Creative Mending

If you are fond of mending your own clothes at home, there are easy DIY tips to help you achieve a more creative style. Patching up clothes needs a little creativity just like in embroidering. So if you want to make your clothes more fashionable while fixing holes and other problematic areas, patches are the best solution. Whether you want to accomplish certain embellishment, texture, pattern or surface design, patchwork can give you the exact output you want.

Fabric is widely available and you can simply buy them in your local textile shop when you need some. However, it’s crucial to keep garments in good condition especially when you wear them every day.


So in here, you will learn about the practical methods of applying patches on your favorite outfits:
  • Instead of disposing of your ripped jeans or torn clothes, why not mend them using quality patch designs you can buy online. This will save you time and money from paying a tailor to do the job for you.
  • Either you use a back stitch or running stitch; it’s easier to perform patchwork than you think. If you know how to sew, rest assured that it will be simple to patch your torn garments with fashion.
  • Basically, the materials you will need are the fabric to be repaired, thread, needle, patches, and scissors. Patching will add color and mix patterns to your garments while transforming them into more attractive outfits.
  • You can patch your clothes once or in several layers depending on the exact design you want to achieve. One technique is to patch the fabric on the reverse side. This will give you designs done like a pro.
  • For extra strength, you can stitch the strips of stitches in order to secure them well on the fabric. But if you are worried about the fraying edges of your fabric, you may use some fusible webbing. This will help you in attaching the patches through ironing it on and stitching it over. And to get stronger patch and more authentic look, make sure that the full-square patch is intact. Do not trim the patch and stitch the outline securely.

For areas wherein garments are usually worn out such as knees and elbows, you add running stitches tightly to reinforce your fabric. In addition, you can create a decorative pattern based on your style for more comfortable wearing. And while putting your decorative patch items, see to it that the fabric matches the texture of your patch. This will give you better blending and beautiful outcome. So instead of throwing your favorite jeans, you can save it by patching the holes up and covering the ripped areas.


Fundamentals of Basic Patchwork

Nowadays, it’s a common scenario to see people disposing of their damaged garments. You may be living in a “throw away” clothing culture, but you can actually do something to get rid of fabric problems. With a patch, needle, thread, and iron, you can keep your torn jeans and use your money for more important needs. Also, if you don’t want to throw your expensive clothes away due to minor cuts and holes, patchwork is the ultimate solution. Don’t forget to add some creativity while patching your clothes to see better output.

It’s nice to know you can wear your favorite garments longer than they usually do. All you need to do is learn some patch techniques and you can achieve your patching goals. But before you patch your clothes up, be sure to consider the materials to be used and the techniques you should master. But overall, the process is simpler than you imagine so you can get the exact design you want for your clothes. Whether you need to decorate your casual dress or attach a logo to your uniform, patching is more than the usual stitching that you know. Check out the site for more details about advanced patching.

Step up your Game with TaylorMade Golf Accessories

Isn’t it nice to have a few extra accessories while playing a round of golf? Apart from the basics – clubs, spare golf balls and putters, golf accessories add a punch of interest and prevent things from getting too serious and boring. And what better brand to grab for these nifty accessories than TaylorMade Golf?

Golf Acce ssories for Everyone

Think TaylorMade only manufactures golf equipment for game use? Of course not. Their product range isn’t limited to serious clubs and balls. Professional and amateur golfers alike will surely enjoy the plethora of golf accessories that TaylorMade Golf manufactures. From golf gloves, caps, apparel, ball markers, bags and equipment covers, there’s surely an item that’ll add up to a golfer’s collection of sporty stuff. An added bonus, since the company is touted as a leader in the golf industry, you’re assured of high quality products down to their simplest cap or umbrella. More bang for your buck guaranteed!


Look at the items that this top golf company offers for all the enthusiasts out there:

• Golf Bags

The trusty golf bag is an essential part of a golfer’s life. It’s where he places all his golf gears and personal stuff. He’ll have to bring his golf bag with him around the golf course during a game round. A golf bag is literally a golfer’s best friend. TaylorMade knows this fact; that is why they came up with a large selection of golf bags fit for every player’s needs. They’ve got you covered whether you choose to grab a lightweight carry bag, stand bag, or opt for a professional tour bag. The quality of TaylorMade Golf bags? Simply impeccable.

• Hand Gloves

Can you imagine playing golf without hand gloves on? Well, that’s actually fine, but then your golf club grip will be better once you put some gloves on. TaylorMade gloves are crafted from leather materials and are optimized for a softer feel and flexible fit. Try out a pair now and see how it’ll improve your play.

• Ball Markers

The vast greenery of the golf course definitely necessitates a ball marker for easy ball placement and identification. TaylorMade creates quality ball markers that are rust-resistant and have a smooth nickel finish. Their dual-coin ball markers last a long time and is a good investment for any golf enthusiast.

• Club Headcovers

Protect your putter and driver heads with a sturdy headcover from TaylorMade. Their headcovers are made from high-quality synthetic leather for superior equipment protection. It also has a polyester lining that prevents overstretching of the headcover. Most of their headcovers are made to fit club heads with sizes up to 460cc. They come in a variety of colors and styles; there’s even one with nice oversized pompoms on top of it! You’ll surely find a headcover that suits your clubs and your personal style.


• Apparel for All

The golf course is yet another venue to show off your sporty style. Play golf fashionably with TaylorMade’s range of shirts, hats, and visors. The shirts are made of comfortable fabrics designed to wick away sweat and keep you comfortable while playing. And since golf is an outdoor sport, you may want something to shield you from the harmful sun rays.

TaylorMade’s hats and visors come in handy! The hats, like the shirts, are also made of cool fabric to bid sweat goodbye. They’re especially designed to reduce glare caused by too much sun exposure. TaylorMade hats and visors come with patched embroidery of the brand’s name. Different shirt and hat designs are available for both men and women alike. You’re free to pick one that’ll reflect your own sporty sense!

Grab your TaylorMade Accessories Now!

Are you eager to get any of these great golf accessories? Go ahead and visit rockbottomgolf.com now. This trusty online golf shop carries TaylorMade Golf merchandise in good condition and at amazingly low prices! Feel free to browse through their online accessories list and choose your favorite TaylorMade Golf products today. Complete your golf garb now and bring your game up a notch!

What a Motivational Speaker Must Have

Many are saying that anyone may claim to be a motivational speaker. Well, we completely agree with that. That’s why we believe that everyone who’s currently looking for a reliable speaker should know how to distinguish one that’s only trying to motivate from one that’s naturally gifted (or sufficiently skilled). To help you out in your search, we’ve compiled a list of qualities that any top-ranked inspirational speaker should have.

Eager to Know the Details –

A good speaker never hesitates to get enough information about the speaking engagement, even before he considers accepting the invitation. Why’s that? He knows that there’s a limit to his familiarity with certain topics, and not knowing enough about the things that need to be tackled during the speech could lead to disaster (and will only waste the time of those in attendance). A reputable motivational speaker will not hesitate to turn down an invite if he knows that he won’t be able to pull off the speech, regardless if he’s given a weeks to prepare.

Motivational Speakers

Doesn’t Focus on Himself –

It’s true that these speakers know just how important they are to people and even to companies, but they shouldn’t be too focused on themselves. For example, if you’re asking someone to do a speech in your event, he shouldn’t be talking to you too much about his accomplishments. In the same sense, you shouldn’t hear a lot about his preferences and demands. True speakers, being aware of their role in improving the lives of those around them, don’t pay too much attention to these things. In short, what matters to them most are their ability to please the crowd while leaving a valuable lesson.

Capable of Handling the Unexpected –

If you’re looking for a good motivational speaker, you might want to view a few of his speeches (check his website or YouTube for samples). Why bother doing this? Well, you should check whether he’s capable of reacting properly to unexpected events. If he’s being heckled or booed, what does he do? Does he manage to win back the crowd? If the audience is looking bored, what technique does he apply to win them back? Simply put, everything unexpected could potentially lead to failure, and that’s the reason why he should be more than capable of handling those unpleasant turn of events.

Willing to Create Something New –

There’s another good reason why it’s necessary to watch a few clips of past speeches, and it’s to find out whether the one you’re planning to invite actually makes new speeches for every event. Now, you might be thinking that using exactly the same speech for two different occasions is rather impossible, especially if the speaker cares enough to avoid getting quizzical looks from the crowd. Well, recycling a speech doesn’t have to a word-per-word endeavor. Parts could be swapped and words could be altered. The point is, a credible motivational speaker should always start from scratch (no matter how difficult that might be).

Motivational Speaker

Maintains Eye Contact –

You’ll immediately associated maintained eye contact with confidence once you see it in action. After all, keeping his eyes on the audience means that he’s not afraid that certain distracting nuances would be noticed. He’s also his hesitations and pauses a lot more obvious given that he’s maintaining the crowd’s focus on him. With those things in mind, it should become clear why only the very best speakers manage to do this flawlessly; in other words, they’re above the typical nuances, hesitations, and pauses that many newbies in the field seem to have difficulty conquering.

There are just some of the things that set apart the most remarkable speakers from those who still need to brush up their skills. While keeping those in mind during your search for a motivational speaker should keep you in the right direction, don’t think that you’ve learned everything there is to know about identifying the best in the industry. If you’d like to learn more about the things that only skilled and experienced speakers possess, then don’t think twice and do one simple thing – get in touch with us. We’re willing and able to help you out in your search for a speaker who won’t disappoint.

At  www.motivational-speaker-success.com, you can choose professional motivational speakers. For more details visit our website or contact to us.

Factors that Affect Employees’ Stay

There are many factors that affect the employees’ willingness to leave their job prematurely or to remain in an organization.images (3) The topmost factor in employee retention is the wage, but it cannot be the sole factor. Aside from the pay, employees also look for career advancement. Or, if some employees are performing well on their jobs, they expect recognition from managers, and incentives that could motivate them to strive harder and remain satisfied.

What organizations should consider important are their employees’ satisfaction, and not just the management’s plan on how they’re going to raise their profits. The workforce is the asset of the business to grow and last in a specific industry. When you hire people, it’s the first stage for the business to run. You may be hiring fit employees, but are you clear about what their roles are going to be?

Upon orientation and training, the management should be able to define the goals and objectives of the company, what is expected of the trainees or employees, training-channel-partners-worldwideand what their specific duties will be in their jobs. The management should not just provide information about their rules and policies, but these should’ve been studied as reasonable and fair. Policies can greatly affect the attitude and morale of the workforce. If you think they’re unreasonable, you should make modifications on these policies in order that these conform to the labor laws. These policies should not be too restrictive and not too lax.

Besides the organizational policies, the firm must study the elements that can motivate the labor force to excel and stay. The lack of motivators is one of the reasons the employees leave prematurely, and thus, there goes a low employee retention rate. Motivators include paid trainings for new hires, and promotion for top-performing hemployees. Instead of allocating funds for the turnover, the management may consider funding a program for giving incentives and rewards for those who excel.The organization may also implement annual raises, so that the employees will be drive to stay there for years.

The profits of the company may be moving upward, but does the statistics show employee satisfaction? The company may be committed to its growth, but does it also consider the employees’ expectations on career growth? While the management doesn’t want its business flow to stagnate, the workforce, too, doesn’t want to be stuck in a company that does not encourage career growth. They want to learn new skills, share their thoughts for the development of the company, and to communicate with managers what the issues are within the workplace. Communication can greatly affect employee retention rate.images (1)

There should be a smooth professional relationship between the manager and employees. If they are able to express their concerns regarding their work or workplace, they will have the mindset that they are regarded as important people within the company. Through an open communication, the management can identify what their workforce needs, and what issues within the company need to be addressed. The management can also know the reasons the employee is leaving, or know what makes the employee stay.
There will be a low retention rate if there’s no assurance that the company will cover the life insurance and benefits ofStayOrGo-567x467 the employee. If the nature of the work is risky, but there’s no benefits package for the employee, he will not accept the job in the first place, or will just leave the job soon enough. The management should be responsible for their employees’ welfare and needs. An effective measure the management can implement to raise employee retention is to allow them of a paid day off once a month. If the organization allows this, they can let the workforce spend enough time with their family, and have a workforce that has regained energy.